Vicky Broomstick

Human, witch


Female Female


Being evil, getting her way


Rose, failure, not getting her way


Her wand


Dark witchcraft


Maleficent (grandmother)
Cyrus Broomstick (cousin)


Ruby Stepsister
Cyrus Broomstick


Rose Cinderella
Astoria Rapunzel
Joy LeFrog
LingLing IronFan
Hawk SnowWhite
Travis Beast

Production information
English Voice

Laurie Hymes

Italian Voice

Eleonora Reti

First Episode

"A School for Fairy Tales"

"I'm so evil, I'm so awesome!"

Vicky Broomstick is the main antagonist and a fellow student at Regal Academy. She is a witch but it is currently unknown what fairy tale she comes from.

Vicky wants to become the greatest fairy tale villain ever. Throughout the series, she tampers with the gateway, trying to bring fairy tale villains back to her world.


Though Vicky is intelligent and powerful, almost every time she tries to carry on her evil plans, something goes wrong... even Rose is unintentionally able to ruin her plans and that's why Vicky is really determined to get her out of Regal Academy, whatever it takes.


Vicky has a willowy figure, pale skin and long blonde hair which she wears in a high ponytail with a red ribbon and two braids. Her eyes are dark purple and she has a beauty mark under her right eye.


Vicky is a teacher's pet who works hard and tries to get on the staff's good side. The staff are completely fooled by her act, seeing her as a good, respectable student. She tries to work hard in school and strives to gain good grades. She has a competitive streak and she will cheat to win and be the best.

Underneath her facade as a good student, she is pure, pure evil! Only her fellow students are partially aware of her wicked nature but they do not know the full extent. She desires to rule the world as the greatest villain and will even endanger other people with the deadly fairy tales she brings back to Regal Academy. She loves being evil and struggles and often fails to conceal her evil laughter.

Mean, treacherous and selfish are few of the words that define who Vicky truly is. She pretends and fakes who she is to everyone. She is deceiving and evil, only wanting the best for herself not caring if it has side effects on others.


Season 1

In "A School for Fairy Tales", Vicky is unimpressed with Rose. Later, she pours a potion on the chandelier that causes Rose to fall and lets the former steal the latter's stamp.

In "The Great Dragon Race", during the race, Vicky casts a sleeping curse on Rose's dragon. Later, saying that only one member of her team needs to win, she curses Cyrus and Ruby's dragon. Inches from the finish line, Vicky's dragon faints and Vicky loses.

In "The Swan in Swamp Lake", Vicky changes a frog into a swamp monster. Later, she steals what she thinks is the Berribon river lotus from Joy. More coming soon...

Magical Abilities

  • Dark magic: With her wand, Vicky can cast several evil spells. She has changed frogs into monsters and most often casts sleeping spells.
  • Alchemy: Vicky is excellent at creating potions like ones to strengthen her magic, cover a beanstalk with deadly thorns and make someone repulsive, as well as potions which can disrupt and manipulate the gateway to Earth once they are poured onto its keyhole.


Coming soon...


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