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Travis Beast



Male Male






Flowers (Formerly)


His Wand
Beast Mask (magic family item)


Fury Magic, Super Strength, Burrito Hair.


Beast (Grandfather)
Beauty (Grandmother)
Mr. B (father)
Mrs. B (mother)
Shawn Beast (cousin)


LingLing IronFan
Rose Cinderella
Astoria Rapunzel
Joy LeFrog
Hawk SnowWhite


Vicky Broomstick
Cyrus Broomstick
Ruby Stepsister
Shortbread Witch
Bad Wolf

Love Interests

LingLing IronFan

Production information
English Voice

Henry F. Benjamin

Italian Voice

Manuel Meli

First Episode

"A School for Fairy Tales"

Latest Episode

"The Snow Kingdom"

Travis Beast is one of the main characters of Regal Academy. He is the grandson of the Beast. His love interest is LingLing IronFan.


Official Website

Travis is the typical frail artsy sort of boy, but when he gets angry he becomes… a real Beast! His force is huge and uncontrollable, so much that sometimes he puts his team in trouble!


On the surface, Travis seems like a sensitive artist. But at the drop of a slipper, he turns super strong and super shaggy! He gets it from his grandpa--the famous Coach Beast. When Travis isn’t using his magic to create hurricanes and tornadoes, he’s trying to create his next artistic masterpiece. Unfortunately, bad luck seems to get in his way. A lot.


Travis is sometimes called "Burrito Hair" because of the random burritos that are in his hair. Travis had always wanted a princess to like like him but never got a princess to like him(other than his teammates, Joy, Rose and Astoria)until LingLing IronFan came along and the two soon hit it off.


He has short, messy, desaturated green-brown hair and yellow eyes. His uniform consists of a dark pink-collared dress shirt over a white long sleeve undershirt, a blue waistcoat with yellow buttons, a yellow and black necktie, a pair of jeans, and a pair of red boots. His main casual outfit consists of a white undershirt with a red flower symbol on the front, a red overcoat, blue jeans with a dark purple belt, and purple-and-white sneakers.


Travis is a very creative artist and visionary who would much rather paint a portrait or build a sculpture than follow in the footsteps of his family. He feels that living up to the Beast family legacy is a terrible burden. The students and staff at Regal Academy expect him to be tough and aggressive, but he is sensitive and hapless. He is sometimes ashamed of his beastly abilities.


Season 1

In "Rose's Fairy Tale Collection", it is revealed that Travis's parents knew he was attending Regal Academy unlike Rose.

Travis immediately falls in love with LingLing IronFan when she visits Regal Academy in "The Legendary IronFan". When Ling Ling beats all of Regal Academy's students at dragon archery, rather than being worried about losing his grade, Travis is awestruck at Ling Ling's talent. After Astoria tells him that Ling Ling's victory is bad for their team, he says in a lovestruck way, "Yeah...isn't it great?" He tries to walk over and talk to Ling Ling, but his foot gets stuck in the Cinderella Dragon's harness and he flies upside down in a display of his usual bad luck.

Later, Travis sees Ling Ling win at the other competitions and does nothing but marvel at her. Astoria reminds him that their goal is to win against her. Travis is up against Ling Ling for the javelin throwing competition. He responds to Astoria, "Okay, she's super skilled...and super cute...but she can't beat me at brute strength!" However, in the event, Travis's super strength allows him to throw his javelin around the entire globe,

Season 2

In "The Shadow Warrior", Travis is afraid that Ling Ling will be scared of his uncontrollable transformation into a hairy beast under the full moon. He even tells Hawk that he fears she will hate him for it. When the time comes for Travis's transformation, he runs off alone to calm himself down by painting the moon. Ling Ling asks her friends where he is, and Hawk tells her the truth about what happens to Travis. She goes off to find him, and sees him painting serenely on an oil canvas with werewolf-like fur all over him. Instead of being scared of Travis, Ling Ling can only focus on the beauty of his painting of the moon. She tells Travis how wonderful it is, and how amazing she thinks he is, showing how strong and pure their love is. They hold hands under the stars.

Magical Abilities

Travis possesses the powers of:

  • Fury Magic: Allows him to create whirlwinds and tornadoes.
  • Super Strength: Which he inherited from his grandfather as being a Beast.
  • Buritto Hair: He is able to grow burritos in his hair.


  • His signature color is red. The backgrounds during his transformation sequences, his casual outfit, and his season two armor are all red.
  • "Travis" is an English name that derive from the old french traverser.[1][2]
  • Like every beast, he has the superhuman ability to lift extraordinarily heavy weights.
  • His catchphrase is "Bad luck beast!"
  • His magic pet is a squirrel named Nut .
  • In the masquerade ball, it is revealed that he has a cousin named shawn .
  • In the dark dragon he wanted to help Gregory in the competition, so Gregory can become a sandwich artist



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