The Shortbread Witch



Female Female




Eating children, baking, revenge, causing mayhem


Defeat, losing her powers


Her candy cane wand


Cookie magic


Rose Cinderella
Astoria Rapunzel
Hawk SnowWhite
Travis Beast
Joy LeFrog
Snow White
LingLing IronFan

First Episode

"Attack of the Shortbread Witch"

Latest Episode

"The Magic Fair"

The Shortbread Witch is the main antagonist in "Attack of the Shortbread Witch" and the villain from Hansel and Gretel.


The Shortbread Witch is an ugly old crown with pale, warty skin, bulging eyes, hooked nose and plump figure. Her hair is a dull blue-black-grey which she wears in loose pigtails. She dresses in dull, muted colored clothes with ragged edges. Her wand is a red and white striped stick like a candy cane.


The Shortbread Witch is an evil, wicked woman who cares nothing for the safety of innocent children. She delights in the chaos she brings and the mayhem she causes.



She once attended Regal Academy. According to her story, she used her house of gingerbread to lure children to her so she could eat them. One day, she trapped siblings, Hansel and Gretel and prepared to fatten them up to eat. Somehow, the siblings defeat her and she was stripped of her powers and banished to Earth where she set up a bakery.

Season 1

In "Attack of the Shortbread Witch", Vicky throws a parchment and potion through the portal to earth. The witch finds them. The potion restores her magic and she sets out for Regal Academy. With her wand, she fills the students' food with magic nullifying spells that renders the staff and students completely powerless. Astoria, Hawk and Travis try to hold back the doors but their efforts are in vain. As the witch closes in, Rose comes to the rescue. As she uses milk and yeast to destroy the cookie monsters. The students begin to get their magic back and together, they defeat the Shortbread Witch, strip her of her powers and send her back to earth. On Earth, the witch uses the last of her magic to capture Rose but she is defeated by Clara's dress magic.

Magical Abilities

  • Cookie Magic: The Shortbread Witch can weave magic spells into her cookies. She can prepare exploding cupcakes, poisonous sweets, little chomping cookies, magic nullifying treats, batter tanks and candy golems. Her magic grants her power over the utensils needed for baking.
  • Enchanted Oven: With her magic, the Witch can enchant her oven, granting it the power to pull people into it and turn them into talking, miniture gingerbread versions of themselves.
  • Telekinesis: Her wand can move objects and people without physically touching them and she can move large groups and items with ease.
  • Combined Magic: By combining her powers with those of the Evil Queen and the Sea Witch, she can create a fake sword in the stone with the ability to steal the power and strength of anyone who tries to pull it from the stone.


  • She may be more feared and dangerous than the Bad Wolf as Ruby acted like a fan girl around the wolf but was hesitant to bring the witch to the Fairy Tale World.
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