Rose Cinderella



Female Female






Shoes, Fairytales


Threats and dangers in Fairy tale land


Her Wand
Glass Slippers (magic family item)


Pumpkin Magic
Shoe Magic


Cinderella (Grandmother)
Clara Cinderella (Mother)
Dave (Father)


Astoria Rapunzel
Joy LeFrog
Travis Beast
Hawk SnowWhite
LingLing IronFan
Odette Swan


Vicky Broomstick
Ruby Stepsister
Cyrus Broomstick
Shortbread Witch
Bad Wolf

Love Interests

Hawk SnowWhite

Production information
English Voice

Rebecca Soler (credited as Jessica Paquet)

Italian Voice

Chiara Francese

First Episode

"A School for Fairy Tales"

Latest Episode

"The Snow Kingdom"

Rose Cinderella is the main protagonist of Regal Academy. She is the granddaughter of Cinderella. Her love interest is Hawk SnowWhite.


Official Website

Rose is a normal, modern teenager from a normal town on Earth, with a super-normal love for Fairy Tales, who falls - literally! - into the Fairy Tale Land and gets the surprise of a lifetime when she finds out she belongs to a special… family AND BFF..


Rose is an ordinary girl whose love of shoes is only rivaled by her love of fairy tales. But everything changes when a magic key takes her to Fairy Tale Land, where she meets her famous fairy tale grandmother, Cinderella. Now, armed with a wand that can transform pumpkins, she’s trying to fit in as the new kid at Regal Academy. Can she prove that she’s fairy tale material?


She has long blonde hair that reach down to her knees with a pink headband, (possibly highlights), near the crown of her head, blue eyes, and wears pink eyeshadow. For her uniform, she wears a dark pink blazer with a magenta colored cuffs over a white-collared dress shirt, a yellow and black striped necktie, a pink belt with a gold buckle, a light pink plaid skirt with blue buttons, white tights trimmed with dark pink stripes near her ankles, and a pair of pink and white flats adorned with a black bow.


Rose has the typical female protagonist personality. She's outgoing and bubbly, sometimes it can get her in trouble. She loves fairytales and most of all, shoes.

Rose is also clumsy, always bumping into things or people. She is also loud and outspoken, voicing her thoughts. Rose also has a terrible habit of running late, unless she travels through the portal with Travis Beast. She has a curious mind, and loves exploring, learning and finding new things. But this Cinderella-in training has a kind heart and is always willing to help people in need. She loves her friends and family dearly, and tries to please them and make up for any bad deed she does.

Apart from that, Rose is a fashion lover, particularly obsessed with shoes. She's also quite the dreamer, with a wild imagination and a new fantasy she comes up with every week. Because of her admiration and fangirl attitude towards fairy tales, she might pass off as rude to some, usually invoked by her invading someone's personal space. Rose is very affectionate towards her friends as well, constantly praising them and having physical contact with them, such as slinging arms around her friends' shoulders and hugging, even with her male friends.


Travis Beast

Rose and Travis are close friends, both coming from Earth. They often act like siblings, and could have been more if not for Ling Ling.

Astoria Rapunzel

In "A School for Fairy Tales", Rose and Astoria started out as acquaintances but started to act more like best friends. Although at first, Astoria seemed to be not very fond of Rose since Rose was (unintentionally) ruining her perfect grades. Later on, as the series progressed, Astoria and Rose started to get along more.

Hawk SnowWhite

Rose and Hawk are friends and both have little crushes on each other, but won't admit it.

Joy LeFrog

Rose and Vicky are more like enemies. Even thought they are in the same class, they are in different teams and tend to dislike each other.

Vicky Broomstick

Rose and Vicky are more like enemies. Even thought they are in the same class, they are in different teams and tend to dislike each other.


Season 1

In "Attack of the Shortbread Witch", her mother founds out she attends Regal Academy and she explain to her that she use to go to that academy when she was Rose‘s age.

Magical Abilities

Rose's magical ability is Pumpkin Magic. She can only use this power with her wand. When Rose uses her wand, she can turn pumpkins into vehicles and sometimes objects, however Rose is not very good at it and the pumpkins tend to explode as she cannot control her magical abilities. Over time, though, she manages to excel in Pumpkin Magic, even conjuring up some of the same vehicles throughout the series.

In "PomPoms!" Rose's wand gets damaged and when she tried to use it, she accidentally created little pumpkin-like creatures whom she named 'PomPoms'. Cinderella confirmed that they were part of her magic. The PomPoms follow Rose's orders while following her around.


  • Throughout the first season, it is implied that Hawk SnowWhite and Rose might be love interests. This becomes clear in the second season.
  • Rose enjoys collecting items for her Fairy Tale Collection, which are stored in a pumpkin-themed box that can easily shrink with her magic.
  • Her catchphrase is "Pumpkin Seeds!"
  • Rose and Travis are the only fairy tale students who live on Earth.
  • her characteristiccolor is pink , her royal armor is pink , her casual outfitis pink , everything is pink
  • his magic pet is a mouse named gigi
  • previously rose wasvery afraid of mice and rats , until she meet gigi


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