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Lies, liars


A rapidly growing nose


Pinocchio (grandfather)

Pinocchia is a minor recurring character and the granddaughter of Pinocchio.

Official Description

Pinocchia is the friendly, smiling living doll, granddaughter of Pinocchio. She is compulsive about telling the truth and distrusts anyone who lies.


Pinocchia is described as upbeat and honest. She has very strong feelings about honesty and hates lies and liars. Pinocchia is also not fond of those who bother her when she's working, and likes being orderly and discipline. She has a curious mind as well.


Pinocchia has shoulder length dark blue hair with pale wooden skin, a pointy nose, doll joints in her wrists, knees and elbows and violet eyes. She wears a forest green hairband with a dark green cricket ornament and carries a green handbag with a whale picture.


Season 1

A School for Fairy Tales

Rose pesters her with questions and wants to see her nose grow.

Season 2

Searching for Pinocchio

Pinocchia misses her brother very much and wants to find him. It is revealed that the Snow Queen ordered someone to make Pinocchio disappear when Kira was talking to her snow globe. Rose, Astoria, Lingling, Hawk, Joy and Travis decides to help Pinnocchia find her brother.

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