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Being forgotten


Swan wings


Swan form Enchanted dances


The Swan Princess (grandmother) Unknown mother and father


Astoria Rapunzel
Rose Cinderella
Joy LeFrog
Travis Beast
Hawk SnowWhite
LingLing IronFan
Violet Ogre


Shortbread Witch

Love Interests

Gerald Ugly Duckling

First Episode

"A School for Fairy Tales"

Odette Swan is the granddaughter of the Swan Princess from the tale of Swan Lake.


Official Website

She is Grandma Swan's granddaughter. Her grandma was once the Swan Princess and she inherited her title. Not only can she dance very is her reason of life.


Odette is a tall, willowy girl with pale skin, and dark hair which she wears in a bun with a black and white swan pin. Her eyes are brown and wears light purple eyeshadow. As a swan, her body is covered in white feathers and black webbed feet.


Odette is a sweet girl with a kind, gentle disposition. She is friendly to those she meets and will always repay someone who has helped her. She is passionate about dancing.



Odette was friends with Astoria Rapunzel when they were little children but they lost touch when Astoria became too caught up in her studies. However, when Astoria comes to her for help in "The Swan in Swamp Lake", she has shown no hard feelings towards her about their faded friendship and was just glad Astoria was speaking to her again.

Season 1

Odette's first speaking role is in the episode "The Swan in Swamp Lake". While looking for the Berribon river lotus, her foot gets stuck in a mud puddle. Rose helps her. Later, Odette runs into Rose and Astoria apologizes to the former for forgetting about her. In return for helping her, Odette uses her special dance to lure all the creatures of the swamp to her. Joy will be the only frog dancing like a human. After Hawk returns Joy to her human form, the two teams present the flower to Magister Rapunzel.

Odette's second major reoccurrence was in Swan Dancing with the Stars, in which she practices for the school's dance competition. However, Vicky sends Rothbart to permanently turn her into a swan and prevent her from competing. The team and Ling Ling helped break the curse over her, but Odette ultimately never got a chance to compete, losing to Ling Ling (who came in first) in the competition.

Magical Abilities

  • Swan form: Odette can shapeshift into a majestic white swan whenever she wishes. In this form, she gains the power to fly with the speed and grace of this bird.
  • Magic dance: Odette's dancing can effect the world around her. Her dance can call all creatures and humans around her and draw them to her. However, only humans would dance along.


  • She shares her name with her grandmother which is common among Earth families.
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