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LingLing IronFan



Female Female




A challenge A dress


See Travis in danger


Her Wand, Fighting Staff, Bow and Arrows, Sword
Moon Bow (magic family item)


Fan Magic


IronFan (Grandmother) Buffalo King (Grandfather)


Travis Beast
Rose Cinderella
Hawk SnowWhite
Joy LeFrog
Finn Whale
Astoria Rapunzel


Vicky Broomstick
Cyrus Broomstick
Ruby Stepsister
Shortbread Witch
Monkey King (formerly)

Love Interests

Travis Beast

Production information
English Voice

Kate Bristol

Italian Voice

Elena Perino

First Episode

"The Legendary IronFan"

Latest Episode

"The Snow Kingdom"

LingLing IronFan is a student from Regal Academy. She is the granddaughter of the IronFan. Her love interest is Travis Beast.


LingLing has grown up training to be a perfect warrior and an outstanding student. That's why she is completely clueless about fashion, dance, romance and other typical high school group activities.


LingLing has long, straight dark-blue hair, fair skin, and green eyes with yellow accents. Her uniform consists of a dark pink coat over a turquoise shirt with yellow trim, a dark pink skirt with white trim, blue-white leggings, light blue socks, and pink-purple shoes. Her dancing outfit is a light pink ball gown with light blue trim and red jewels on the front, and a light blue tiara with pink jewels.


LingLing is a skilled, hardworking warrior who is a transfer student from a Chinese school called Shan Academy. She is always devoted to whatever she is doing and tries to utilize all of her potential energy, positively. She tends to be overly serious most of the time, but she can be fun to hang out with. She is very respectful and courteous to everyone.

LingLing has a weakness for ball dresses and finds them tremendously intriguing. Social events like dances and balls were forbidden at Shan Academy, so she never got to take part in them until she became a student at Regal Academy.


Season 1

Her grandmother, Princess IronFan, is from the Chinese fairy tale Journey to the West. Her grandfather is the Buffalo King and her family's longtime arch-enemy is the Monkey King. LingLing helps Rose's team often and holds romantic feelings for one of the members, Travis.

Season 2

In "Beauty is the Beast", LingLing is appointed by Cinderella as the sixth member of Rose's team and is now a main character.

Magical Abilities

Coming Soon...


  • It was revealed in "The Legendary IronFan" LingLing is ambidextrous
  • LingLing's favourite flower is Jasmine
  • She's the only one on her team whose parents haven't shown up yet


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