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Tom Thumb (grandfather) Thumbelina (cousin)

Leena Tom Thumb is a minor recurring character and the granddaughter of Tom Thumb

Official Description

Small in size but very brave, just like her grandpa Tom Thumb, she has no fear of runaway pumpkins or rampaging ogres... However, she is always "squished" flat because she can't get out of the way.


Leena is described as nice, normal and sweet who acts in every way a "full-sized girl". She is very brave with no fear of things much bigger than her.


She is a very short girl, about half the size of the other students with brown eyes and light purple hair that falls to her knees. A section of her hair is tied up in a side ponytail with a white ribbon.


Season 1

The Swan in Swamp Lake

During Rapunzel's class, Leena is quickly turning the pages of her book.

Fairy Tale Wedding

During one of Rose's fairy tale fangirl moments, she idolizes over Leena.


  • In "Fairy Tale Wedding", Rose calls her the granddaughter of Thumbelina but the official Regal Academy website lists her as the granddaughter of Tom Thumb.
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