Joy LeFrog



Female Female




Eating bugs, pranks and jokes, animals


Thieves, injustice, depression, people who hurt her loved ones


Her Wand
Frog Ball (magic family item)


Frog Magic, Leaping abilities


LeFrog (Grandfather)
Unnamed parents


Rose Cinderella
Astoria Rapunzel
Travis Beast
Hawk SnowWhite
LingLing IronFan
Odette Swan


Vicky Broomstick
Ruby Stepsister
Cyrus Broomstick
Shortbread Witch
Bad Wolf

Love Interests

Esquire Frog

Production information
English Voice

Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld

Italian Voice

Emanuela Ionica

First Episode

"A School for Fairy Tales"

Latest Episode

"The Snow Kingdom"

Joy LeFrog is one of the main characters of Regal Academy. She is the granddaughter of LeFrog. Her love interest is Esquire Frog.


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Joy loves creepy-crawlies and sometimes forgets that not everybody else does… She also loves to cheer on her friends, but she’s as likely to encourage their BAD ideas as their good ones!


Living up to her last name, Joy loves all types of insects, and she has an appetite for spider burgers and mosquito omelettes. Bonus: she can turn herself (and others) into frogs using her unique brand of magic. And in the true fairytale tradition, Joy needs a kiss to change back from amphibian to human. Pucker up!


She has turquoise bob-styled hair with a magenta frog-shaped hair accessory, light green eyes, and wears purple eyeshadow. Her uniform consist of a dark pink and yellow trimmed tank top over a white puff sleeve shirt, a yellow and black striped necktie, a pair of tricolored bracelets on both her wrists, a mini frog backpack strapped around her waist, a pair of green pants, loose purple and magenta socks with a yellow flower attached on her right sock, and a pair of purple ankle boots.


The sweet, good-natured granddaughter of the Frog Prince, Joy makes it a point to be the supportive friend she knows she is. She's adventurous, though a bit timid at times, and is usually up for anything. The only problem is that she can't decide what is good or bad, so she goes along with most of her friends' choices. Always positive, and tries to look on the bright side of things. Since she is part frog, Joy loves her froggy cousins and acts like a frog – she often snacks on bug-filled food, and even her daily accessories are frog-themed! Joy is never bothered by stinky smells, having gotten used to the stink that is present in her swamp home. She has a frog curse that makes her randomly poof into her frog form, though it usually happens when she's feeling extreme emotions like fear, happiness, excitement or anger. Sometimes her friends are grossed out by her habit of eating creepy-crawlies in public.

Joy is kind and a general peace-maker, preferring to make friends instead of enemies and believes that fighting is a last resort in any situation. She is knowledgeable about nature, having the ability to understand frog and bug language and identify all the magical plant species growing at Regal Academy. She loves animals, often discouraging her friends from attacking any creatures, insisting that they are friends, even when they attack the team. Out of everyone in the team, Joy is the most patient, and able to befriend wild animals.


Season 1

As shown in "Mystery at Cinderella Castle", Joy enjoys solving mysteries and having adventures.

In "The Legendary IronFan", Joy is shown to be confident in her jumping ability and chose to compete in the hurdle-clearing competition as a frog.

In "Song of the Sea Witch", Joy reveals that she is in an all-amphibian band (in which she is the only human) that can help the team in singing and provides music for them to sing to.

In "The Grand Ball", Joy uses Moonbane lipstick to break Esquire Frog's lifelong frog curse. Her kiss had so much curse-breaking power, she broke all the donkey curses Candlewick had unleashed on the students and saved the day.

Magical Abilities

  • Frog Magic - an ability she can use only with her wand, Joy's power turns people, including herself, into a frog. Her wand can also turn them back into human form.
  • Frog Fu - Joy, as a part frog, has the ability to jump great heights and reach high places, both as a frog and a human. She doesn't use this ability often.
  • Curse-breaking kisses - Just like princes' kisses can turn her back to human, Joy's magical kisses can revert a frog back to a person. It's also been shown to make pumpkins grow larger.


  • Joy is under a frog curse, in which she randomly turns into a frog. The frog curse can be controlled as long as she has her wand. A kiss from a prince or her bonded dragon reverts her back to human form.
  • Her magical pet is a green frog named King.
  • Joy aspires to be a bug food critic.
  • Joy is more comfortable being a frog at times, sometimes attending class as an amphibian.
  • Joy's first solo song in the series is That's the Way We Are in "Monkey Magic".
  • Her catchphrase is Frog-Tastic.
  • She represents French people, as evidenced by her behavior and her last name.


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