The Kingdom of the Seven Young Goats (Italian: Il Regno dei Sette Capretti) is the second issue of Regal Academy Magazines.[1]



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Vicky brings the Bad Wolf back from his exile in order to conquer the Kingdom of the Seven Young Goats.


Comic issue 1 - Vicky and the Big Bad Wolf

Vicky and the Bad Wolf

Cyrus and Ruby are holding off Snow White's Dragon with apples while Vicky opens the portal for the Big Bad Wolf. Vicky asks him to conquer the Kingdom of the Seven Young Goats, and dresses him as a goat in order to trick them. Ruby brings the Young Goats but as soon as the Big Bad Wolf sees them he loses his mind and forgets about the plan, running after the Young Goats.

Rose was talking with the Green Dragon why she was late for school when she notices the Young Goats running from the Big Bad Wolf. She falls from the Green Dragon and tries to call the Big Bad Wolf but she ends up stumbling in a rock and falling over him.

The Young Goats saw it all and took the chance to hide behind a tree. When the Big Bad Wolf was gone they meet with Rose and start running inside the Academy, direct into LeFrog's class of explosive potions, making a lot of accidents. LeFrog gets mad at Rose and asks her to resolve this in the Seven Young Goats Kingdom. Rose is excited she will meat the Goats' mother. Rose takes the seven goats and her team in her pumpkin car. Astoria complains asking Rose to make a bigger car next time.

Arriving in the castle of the Seven Young Goats Kingdom, they meet with Mother Goat. The castle was in preparation to a party. Rose's team take a tour around the castle with a goat guide. They are shown the museum room were the goats collect all arts, paintings and statues from all the kingdoms. Travis notices a painting with a strange, familiar figure, and asks who is. The goat guide answers that it is the "King Goat", and the painting was just recently done to celebrate his return. Rose comments how the figure in the painting resemble the wolf that was chasing the Young Goats that morning.

Rose and her team hear Mother Goat crying and help her find her baby. Rose notices that the baby Goat is holding a white fur, the same one used on the Big Bad Wolf's disguise. Mother Goat faints by hearing this name. Rose's team decide to go after the Big Bad Wolf because other Young Goats could be in danger. They start walking in the forest. Not long afterward, it starts raining, Rose notices that the white paint used in the Big Bad Wolf's disguise is dissolving with the rain, and thus they could track him down.

The team finds the Young Goats trapped in a tree with a boiling pot underneath them. Astoria uses her tower magic to hold the rope so the goats will not fall on the pot and can be safely removed from it. The Big Bad Wolf arrives in time seeing all this, but Hawk is quicker, transforming him into an ice stone with his snow magic. Rose soon, creates with her magic a hot air balloon taking the Young Goats far away before the Big Bad Wolf breaks free from Hawk's magic. Travis holds off the Bad Wolf in the air with his magic. Rose ask Astoria help, and throws a big pumpkin on top of the Bad Wolf's head, making him faint.

Later on, Mother Goat, LeFrog and the others celebrate that the Young Goats were saved, while at distance, Vicky is mad and envisaging another plan.




  • Seven Young Goats Kingdom


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  • The comic in this issue was based in the story "The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats", a fairy tale collected by Brothers Grimm, tale number five.[2]





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