A School for Fairy Tales (Italian: La Scuola delle Favole) is the first issue of Regal Academy Magazines.[1]



  • 1 Magazine
  • 1 Rose's Secret Diary + Key


  • Test: Fairy tale family
  • Comic: A School for Fairy Tales
  • Poster: Rose's team / Students and teachers list
  • Rose's Fables: Puss in Boots



Rose heads to her first day at school, but everything changes when she finds a magic key that opens a portal to another world, discovering that fairy tales are real.


Rose heads from home, excited to the first day at school. She passes by a shoe store, but not resisting it she enters and sees a pair of pink boot trying it out right away. Realizing that her feet do not enter the boot, she looks inside it finding a mouse in it. She screams. With the confusion the mouse runs and scares the seller. Roses finds a key left inside the shoe, but looking at the clock she notice that she is late to school and goes out of the store, stumbling with a boy. Rose then, notice a similar key in his neck and tries to call him, with no success. He spin the key in a wall but instead opening it, the key hole throws flames at him. He do the same again, but now to the right side, finally opening the magical door.

Rose saw it all and tries the same with the key she found. She passes through the tiny door that appeared and falls through the sky being catch up by a green dragon. She falls from the dragon and ends up in bush. Vicky looks at clumsy Rose and comments that if the new students are this weak, the year will be fun to her. Rose recognizes the old ladies and say they are from fairy tales. She hugs LeFrog, looks dreamily at Cinderella and hugs Rapunzel hair, slightly pulling it back, surprising Rapunzel. Rose laughs happily that the fairy tales are real, but Cinderella angrily tells her to hold her behavior.

Inside the building, Snow White is separating the groups. She starts making the first group with: Astoria Rapunzel, Joy LeFrog, Travis Beast and Hawk SnowWhite, but one of his fan girls in the back throws an apple, to which Hawk pushes Joy letting her fall on the ground in attempt to "save" her from it. Just when Astoria was commenting how it was impossible to form a group worse than that, Rose gets announced as the last part of it.

LeFrog, explains that their first mission is to bring 5 stamps from Regal Academy, the fastest group will get the highest score.

Astoria finds the first one in a tower, Travis the second stamp beneath a dragon, then on. When it was Rose time, she find it in a chandelier, but Vicky trows a blue flask at her feet leaving it slippery and making Rose and the stamp falls. Rose is catch in time by Astoria, but the stamp catch by Vicky.

When going out of the building, Cinderella asks rose to follow her and takes her in the pumpkin car to the castle. There, Rose see an old photo of her in a ballerina tutu. Cinderella talks with her and gives Rose her own magical wand, asking her not to tell anything about this at home.

Rose heads home exited about her new school life in Regal Academy.


Major Characters

Recurring Characters

Minor Characters


Major Characters

Recurring Characters

Minor Characters



  • Astoria skin color is painted wrongly in a panel.
  • Astoria blue hair flock in her bangs are forgotten in many panels.



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