Hawk SnowWhite



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Apples in danger!
princesses chasing him


His Wand
Mirror Shield (magic family item)


Snow Magic


Snow White (Grandmother)
Unnamed parents
Fala (Older sister)


Rose Cinderella
Astoria Rapunzel
Joy LeFrog
Travis Beast
LingLing IronFan


Vicky Broomstick
Ruby Stepsister
Cyrus Broomstick
Shortbread Witch
Bad Wolf

Love Interests

Rose Cinderella

Production information
English Voice

Billy Bob Thompson

Italian Voice

Alex Polidori

First Episode

"A School for Fairy Tales"

Latest Episode

"The Snow Kingdom"

Hawk SnowWhite is one of the main characters of Regal Academy. He is the grandson of Snow White.


Official Website

Hawk thinks he’s the perfect prince charming and fairy tale hero (and yes, girls do adore him!) but sometimes his extreme bravery puts him and his whole team in danger!


Hawk’s smile can freeze any girl in her tracks. And his wand can freeze anything - thanks to his Snow Magic! From slaying monsters to rescuing damsels in distress, he’s always trying to be prince charming. When he’s not playing the hero, he’s cooking up apples in the kitchen. Hawk’s a firm believer in eating one (or one dozen) a day… Which he totally gets from his famous grandmother, Snow White.


He has short blue hair with his bangs over his face and turquoise eyes.


His uniform consist of a white-collared undershirt over a dark purple blazer with blue and yellow trimming, a yellow and black striped necktie, a pair of red cufflinks, a pair of navy jeans, and a pair of blue and yellow sneakers.


His civilian clothing consists of a pair of blue jeans and a long sleeved shirt that is colored in shades of red, blue, and gray. A silhouette of an apple is also printed on the shirt as well.


Hawk is always up for an challenge and can be hardheaded at times. That leads the team into danger quite often. He is charming but at the same time humble when he is. There is even a true romantic side when he has his moments with Rose. He loves to adventure and save the day. But sometimes, he and Travis compare each other.


Season 1

Hawk's parents are professional heroes, as mentioned in "The Parents' Day

Hawk is seen to have a major crush on Rose, but Rose is mostly clueless. But they are wound to not admit their feelings for each other due to being interuppted by spurrs of the moment.

Romance Moments

Magical Abilities

  • Cryokinesis - Hawk SnowWhite uses Snow Magic, which allows him to manipulate ice.
    • Icy blast projection - Hawk is able to shoot blasts of ice from his wand.
    • Ice Constructs - Hawk is able to use his Snow Magic to create objects out of ice, as seen in "Fairy Tale Wedding" where he made an umbrella out of ice to shield a princess from falling debris.
  • Apple trees: In "Pumpkins and Dragons", it is revealed that a Snow Whiste can grow anything out of apple trees, even apple pumpkins.


  • Hawk is known to be the biggest 'natural talent' in the school.
  • He is a professional Princess saver. He always comes early to save a few damsels before class.
  • Hawk is apple addicted, Totally apple addicted.
  • His catchphrase is Cool As Ice.
  • He can take advise from mirror Hawk, his reflection.
  • It is theorized that he will be more friendly towards Rose after his actions in PomPoms!


Rose Cinderella

Hawk and Rose are friends on the same team. But as the 1st and 2nd seasons of the show progressed, their relationship started growing from just being friends to having crushes on each other by the time season 2 hit.