The five Guardian Dragons are the protectors of the portal to Earth.


The Guardian Dragons are the dragons of five fairy tale families; Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Beast and LeFrog. They are loyal to their families and serve as their mounts and allies. They protect Regal Academy; the Cinderella Dragon herself will destroy anyone who endangers the school, even one of Cinderella's relatives. The Dragons also protect the portal to Earth and at least one dragon is always on duty to guard the portal.


All five dragons are short-tempered and grumpy to everyone except Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Lefrog and Beast.

Magical Abilities

  • Fairy Tale Magic: Because of their connection to the fairy tales, each dragon can use the magic of their fairy tale. The Cinderella Dragon can conjure pumpkins, the Lefrog Dragon can summon frogs, the Snow White Dragon can create poisoned apples and the Rapunzel Dragon can control ivy vines. However, a consequence of this is that the Cinderella Dragon can be controlled by whoever holds the Glass Slippers.
  • Breath Weapon: Dragons can channel magic through their breath. The Beast Dragon can turn people to stone while the Cinderella Dragon can turn people into glass statues. When all five combine their magic, they can create a powerful blast that was capable of disarming all of Rose's team.
  • Portals: As the guardians of the portal, they can open and close it. The person who controls the dragons controls the portal.