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Gerald Ugly Duckling

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Ugly Duckling (Grandfather)

Gerald Ugly Duckling is a minor, recurring character and the signet grandson of the original ugly duckling.

Official Description

Grandson of the Ugly Duckling, he is very unhappy with his look and hopes he will become like his grandfather someday.


Gerald is meek, shy and polite. Unfortunately, he has a horrid self-esteem problem. He sees himself as ugly and wants to look better. Hopefully he'll discover his true beauty within.

Gerald is usually calm, and doesn't like surprises. He also prefers it if people respects his personal space, as he appears uncomfortable in Fairy Tale Wedding and Rose's Fairy Tale Collection when Rose fangirls over him.


Gerald is an anthropomorphic duck with a human body and the head of a signet with a huge beak. His skin is covered in dark, swampy green feathers. He wears wide, red-rimmed glasses.


Season 1

Fairy Tale Wedding

Rose goes into full fairy tale fan girl mode and squeals over him, telling him he'll be beautiful someday.

Rose's Fairy Tale Collection

Rose goes into another fan girl frenzy and takes his enchanted glasses without his permission, causing him to revert to his true, duckling form.

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