Frog Magic is a type of wand magic related to frogs. It is a reference to the LeFrog family curse.


Frog magic cannot change someone if they are under a stronger curse. In "The Grand Ball" Joy could not change the donkeys into frogs as Candlewick's magic was stronger than hers. Someone with the ability to shapeshift at will can also break the curse. Some people are also immune to frog magic like the Snow Queen and the Evil Queen since no one can transform the "fairest of them all".


The primary power of this magic is turning anyone, the user included, into a frog. The spell will last until the cursed one receives a kiss. Just like the original curse, a kiss will restore them to their true form. All objects and clothing disappear when they are transformed and reappear when restored.

As seen in The Magic Fair, frog magic can conjure frogs out of thin air and use them as projectiles.


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