The Evil Fairy is the fairy in the Sleeping Beauty story, that cursed Sleeping Beauty to sleep for 100 years. She is first seen in The Sleepover.


Season 2

The Evil Fairy was invited to almost everything by Sleeping Beauty, she is like part of the family, until she

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cursed them to sleep, with the help of Vicky, Kira, and Cyrus, in The Sleepover. Where she traps all of the students and the Sleeping Beauties inside their castle with mattresses, because the Snow Queen was not invited. She is defeated by Hawks' Snow Magic by being put in a block of ice. When she lost her wand all the mattresses disappeared. And is no longer invited to anything by Sleeping Beauty. She also said that were-slugs were horrible kissers, possibly saying she was in a relationship with one.


  • Sleep Magic: with her wand she can put people to sleep, and create pillows and mattresses.
  • Flight: she can fly without the need of a dragon.
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