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Some are used as steeds for students at Regal Academy

Five dragons act as the guardians of the portal to Earth



First Episode

The Great Dragon Race

Latest Episode

The Parents' Day

Dragons are magical creatures from the Fairy Tale World. They are affiliated with Regal Academy.


Some like forge dragons breathe magic to give students their Regal Armor. Others act as steeds for the students at Regal Academy. They have their king, as shown in Rose and the Dragon King.

The Cinderella, Snow White, Beast, LeFrog, and Rapunzel families all have guardian dragons who guard the portal to Earth. The Cinderella Guardian dragon herself is sworn to protect Regal Academy and will attack anyone who harms the school, even a descendant of Cinderella.


Dragons are varied in colors and sizes. Most are large, reptillian creatures with four legs, lithe yet muscular bodies, a set of horns on their heads, a long tail and a pair of bat-like wings on their backs. Dragons vary greatly in colour and range from blue, green and purple to gold, red and orange to silver and grey. Many dragons also have unique markings and characteristics like leafy spines, petal-like growths on their heads, stripes and spots or even a mane of hair.

One particular forge dragon differs from other dragons in appearance. He is much smaller and fatter with a short, stocky neck and limbs. In "The Great Dragon Race", a dragon similar to the depictions in Eastern art and myth appears. It has no wings but can fly and has a long, sinious body with red and orange scales. The Snow Queen's dragon resembles the standard dragons but is stockier with a huge head and a short snout.


Dragons are ill-tempered and easily angered or annoyed. They have a weird love of pumpkins and most have an intense hatred for shoes.

Magical Abilities

  • Flight: Dragons are skilled and agile flyers. They can catch someone in mid-air and quickly move across the Fairy Tale Land with ease.
  • Breath Weapon: Dragons are famous for their ability to breathe fire but not all dragons do. Some can emit a stream of green slime or ice and cold. The Forge Dragon's magic breath gives students their regal armour.
  • Fairytale Magic: Some dragons represent a fairytale family and they possess the same magic as this family. The Cinderella Dragon can conjure pumpkins while the LeFrog Dragon can summon frogs and the Snow Queen Dragon can freeze people.