Cyrus Broomstick



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Sleeping Relaxing




Ruby Stepsister

Production information
English Voice

Michael Henning

Italian Voice

Emanuelle Ruzza

Cyrus Broomstick is Vicky's cousin and sidekick. It’s unknown what fairy tale character he is.

Official Description

Cyrus is the lazy and cowardly cousin of Vicky... so lazy that he must be coerced to help with an evil plan.


Cyrus is so lazy that he often accidentally falls asleep. All he wants is an easy life with no work or effort. He doesn't care about his work or school and often avoids the teachers to nap during class.


Cyrus is skinny with light skin, dark red, spiky hair with two streaks of lighter red. His eyes are pale blue and he wears a gold earring on his right ear.


Season 1

A School for Fairy Tales

The Great Dragon Race

Ruby throws herself from her dragon in an attempt to get Hawk's attention. She lands on Cyrus' dragon. Near the end of the race, Vicky curses him and his dragon so she can win.

Rose's Fairy Tale Collection

Cyrus walks with Vicky and Ruby to the gateway with a spell to turn the dragons into flies. The spell sends the dragons crazy. Rose and her team come with a wonderland cookie to solve the problem but Vicky steals it and throws it into Cyrus' mouth. He grows into a giant and falls on top of Vicky.

Attack of the Shortbread Witch

Cyrus helps Vicky summon the Shortbread Witch.

Season 2

In the first episode PomPoms he was planing with Vicky

In the second episode he was a little less lazy and was helping Vicky and Kira with their scheming plans.

In the third episode The Magic Fair he was sort of being part of Vicky and Kira's plan of stealing/aborsbing the school's power using the sword in a stone.

In the fourth episode Mirror Madness Cyrus seem to be more lazy

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