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Clara Cinderella



Female Female




Student of Regal Academy (former)
Housewife (Formerly)
Dress design teacher at Regal Academy


Magic wand


Ballgown Magic


Cinderella (mother)
Dave (husband)
Rose Cinderella (daughter)

Production information
English Voice

Lipica Shah[1]

Italian Voice

Valentina Mari

First Episode

"A School for Fairy Tales"

Latest Episode

"Beauty is the Beast"

Clara Cinderella is the mother of Rose Cinderella, wife of Dave and daughter of Cinderella. She lives on the Earth with her family.


In "The Parents' Day", Astoria's mother comments on how Clara used to be in detention a lot, implying that she was a troublemaker back when she was a student. Snow White clearly shows her dislike for Clara, blaming her for the loss of Cinderella's glass slipper.



As a teenager, she attended Regal Academy and was friends with Astoria, Hawk, Joy and Travis' parents. She was also the guardian of the gateway between the Fairy Tale Land and Earth.

Season 1

Rose had managed to keep her enrollment at Regal Academy a secret until "Attack of the Shortbread Witch", when Clara found her magic gate key in her backpack. Clara then asks Rose to pick up a Red Angel's Kiss flower on her way home from school, then mentions that they only grow in Regal Academy, exposing Rose's involvement at her former school. She grounds Rose and kept her barricaded in her room until Rose eventually sneaks out to save her school from the Shortbread Witch. After Rose returns, Clara saved her from the witch with her Ballgown Magic, and Rose admits about her going to Regal Academy instead of her high school on Earth. Clara forgives her and allows her to keep attending Regal Academy for the time being.

Season 2


Magical Abilities

  • Ballgown Magic: Clara can conjure various items of clothing out of thin air or make them appear on people. Her primary form of defence is weighing down and imobolizing enemies in loads of clothers. She can also create enchanted outfits like the upgraded versions of the Regal Armour.
  • Pumpkin Magic: Clara has some pumpkin magic but not as much as her daughter and mother. She helped turn a giant pumpkin into Regal Academy.