Other Names

Candlewick the Great (according to himself)


Male Male


Donkey Magic


Vicky Broomstick

First Episode

The Grand Ball


Candlewick possesses pink skin, dark puffy pink hair, and donkey ears. Candlewick wears a black hoodie with dark bluish green pants.


In The Grand Ball, Candlewick is kidnapped by Vicky, shoved into a trunk, and brought to regal academy. Once she opens it, he introduces himself as Candlewick the Great, a master of Donkey Magic, undeterred by his circumstances. Vicky tells him that she knows that.

He enters the ball while Hawk Snow White and Rose Cinderella are dancing together, and turns students into donkeys. Rose, Hawk, Joy, Astoria, and Travis go to the forge dragon and give him a hard-to-open pack of taffy to be trade their outfits for armor, and ready their magic wands. Candlewick continues to wreak havoc, transforming Cinderella, Le Frog, and a dragon into donkeys.

However, when Joy (who has been pursuing Esquire Frog throughout the episode) uses her special lipstick to kiss Esquire, the power of the lipstick‘s curse breaking ability sends a shockwave through the room, transforming the transformed students (including Esquire) into humans.

Candlewick tries to escape, but Rose uses her pumpkin magic to transform his shoes into pumpkin roller skates, Hawk uses snow magic to create an ice ramp, and Hattie traps him within his hat.

In Into the Enchanted Forest, Candlewick is incarcerated by the Fairy Tale Land police department. He escapes, but after they’re given the incentive of a treat, the officers catch him again.

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