A Magic Collection (Italian: Una Magica Collezione) is the third Regal Academy Book Series.[1]



"In the Land of Fairy Tales Rose has learned to handle giants, witches and trolls, but now she finds herself face to face with something she does not know how to deal with: her mother is angry with her! Luckily there is her Fairy Tale Collection to console her! It's the most fa-bu-lous that exists, although not everyone seems to think like her..."[1]

Fabbri Editori

"In the Land of Fables, Rose and her friends have something new to do everyday: face the attack of the Shortbread Witch, find an antidote to the potion that has made the campus dragons narrow or participate in the great annual treasure hunt! Fortunately it all goes smoothly for our heroes, until Rose accidentally breaks the spell of the Regal Academy making it come back to its original form: a huge pumpkin field! So yes, there will be trouble!"[1]





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