A School for Fairy Tales (Italian: Una Scuola da Favola) is first Regal Academy Book Series.[1]



"The exuberant and always late Rose has two great passions: shoes and fairy tales. But she never imagined to be... the granddaughter of Cinderella! Find out with her the Regal Academy and the bizarre and exciting adventures that await her!"[1]

Fabbri Editori

"Rose is super excited for her first day in the new school. Daydreaming on what beautiful things are waiting for her, but she could never imagine that a nice little mouse is about to deliver her a magic key that can lead her to the Land of Fairy Tales! Now in Regal Academy, Rose will enter the student team consisting of Astoria, Joy, Hawk and Travis, preparing for exciting adventures with dragons, giants and magic wands."[1]




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