Astoria Rapunzel



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Her hair
Good grades
Being independent




Her Wand and her hair
Fire Bangles (magic family item)


Tower Magic

  • Rapunzel (Grandmother)
  • Miss. Rapunzel (mother)

Rose Cinderella
Joy LeFrog
Travis Beast
Hawk SnowWhite
Odette Swan
LingLing IronFan


Vicky Broomstick
Ruby Stepsister
Cyrus Broomstick
Shortbread Witch
Bad Wolf

Love Interests

Shawn Beast

Production information
English Voice

Erica Schroeder

Italian Voice

Giulia Tarquini

First Episode

"A School for Fairy Tales"

Latest Episode

"The Snow Kingdom"


Astoria at the masquerade ball.

Astoria Rapunzel is one of the main characters of Regal Academy. She is the granddaughter of Rapunzel.


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She’s Regal Academy's bookworm, a poised and confident princess... just as long as everything is “just so”. She is definitely a real super-nerd!


Astoria is Regal Academy’s resident bookworm. When she’s not raising her hand in class, she hiding behind some huge old book in the library. She’s a perfectionist who has everything under control...except her pesky mane of long beautiful hair (which has a mind of its own!). She also has the power to control wild ivy--which sounds weird, but totally comes in handy!


She has long pink wavy hair, with two streaks of light blue hair, on her bangs, that’s tied with a large orange hairbow on the bottom. She has green eyes and wears light blue eyeshadow. Her outfit consist of a dark pink and yellow trimmed tank top, a purple long sleeve undershirt over a rolled -p white-collared, a yellow and black-striped necktie, a light orange pencil skirt with a blue fabric covering the side slit, a pair of dark pink leggings and a pair of blue ankle strap heels.


Astoria Rapunzel is a studious girl who aims for the top and constantly has good grades on the mind and is known as the smartest girl in the school. Known as a bookworm, she likes studying and loves to add to her knowledge. Astoria is a bit introverted and a big time perfectionist. She loves to see that everything is in order which at times stops her from having fun. She’s also labeled as the smartest girl in Regal Academy.

Although Astoria's hair is on acts on its own accord, she's fond of it and cares for it, making sure it’s perfect at all times. She is smart, hard-working, and a genius. She often acts as their team leader, sorting her teammates out and coming up with coordinated plans. However, Astoria also loves her friends deeply. She acknowledges them for everything they've done for her, and tries to do the same in return. Astoria is a bit stubborn and at times, hot-headed, with a temper that flares up easily. However, she is not arrogant, and knows when to own up to her mistakes.



Astoria was born and raised in Rapunzel's castle. Her childhood friend was Odette, the granddaughter of the Swan Princess. Astoria dreamed of becoming the headmistress of Regal Academy and got caught up in her studies and as a result, lost contact with Odette.

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Magical Abilities

  • Ivy hair - From her grandmother Rapunzel, Astoria inherited ivy hair, which is hair that can grow and stretch to whatever length Astoria desires. When she uses her power, the end of her braid becomes ivy green with leaves. Astoria can make her hair grow long enough to free her from the tallest tower or rescue her friends from a pit. Her hair is influenced by her emotions and will rise into the air when frightened or stick out like angry tentacles when enraged. Astoria's hair has a degree of sentience as it tried to crush Travis when he insulted Astoria. Astoria's hair is very strong, capable of holding over three people and heavy items such as beds and statues. Her ivy hair can be separated into several strands and used to carry multiple items at once. It is also capable of crushing solid objects, such as baked goods and even magical items such as wands.
  • Tower Magic - Astoria can conjure long vines of ivy and flowers. She can shape the vines into any shape to suit her needs like a slide, pavilion, or even a hammock. It's strong enough to be used as bungee ropes, and secure enough to act as a strong cage.


  • Astoria is always well-prepared, be it reading up for dragon riding or carrying around a pineapple for Ceremonies class.
  • Astoria is the most focused member of the team, and usually leads the group in their assignments despite Rose Cinderella being the main protagonist.
  • Astoria's dream is to become the headmistress of Regal Academy.
  • Her classmates cannot deter her strong will, but Astoria is easily discouraged by teachers who show disapproval towards her work.
  • Her catchphrase is Oh My Grade!
  • She offen says “Bad hair day!”
  • Her magic pet is a pug dog named Vidal


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